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Jack Posobiec’s latest edition of Human Events Diary Sunday Special features correspondence directly from the Holy Land. The podcast finds the Posobiec brothers recounting their adventure in the Holy Land, where they traveled with the whole family.

The two discussed biblical events from where they all took place, including the potential real-life basis for the Old Testament story of the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

posobiec and family toured Israel in September with Turning Point USA, visiting the Dead Sea, Galilee and the site where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ on the banks of the Jordan River, and then to Jerusalem.

The trip was a trip to biblical sites, and the brothers discussed their reaction to those sites, such as Abraham’s well, the Dead Sea, and other places, as well as seeing their parents take this trip and “walk those stones” that the ancients they were walking

“This is also the location, which we are told in the Bible…it is the location of Sodom and Gomorrah. This was the area where there is a large pillar of salt…And they actually refer to her as the wife of Lot.” Jack told Kevin.

“And the crazy thing is that the archaeological studies, one that came out a couple of months ago, actually shows that scientifically they found that there was a city, there was a [township] More or less at that exact spot facing the Dead Sea that some 4,000 years ago was destroyed by a meteorite that flew from the sky and then exploded over the city with the force of 1,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs,” he continued.

“This event took place,” he said. “They call it a cosmic outburst, which destroyed an entire city in the exact place that the Bible describes where Sodom and Gomorrah were.”

That study, which came to light in 2021, was done as a result of a “1.5-meter interval in the Middle Bronze Age II stratum that caught the interest of some researchers for its ‘highly unusual’ materials.” . daily science informed.

“In addition to the debris one would expect from destruction through war and earthquakes, they found pottery shards with exterior surfaces melted into glass, ‘bubbled’ adobe bricks, and partially molten building material, all indications of a demolition event.” anomalously high temperature, much hotter than anything the technology of the time could produce.

Destroyed a city at the location of Tall el-Hammam. “The charred and molten materials at Tall el-Hammam looked familiar, and a group of researchers, including impact scientist Allen West and Kennett, joined Biblical scholar Philip J. Silvia of Trinity Southwest University’s research effort to determine what It happened in this city 3,650 years ago. daily science reports

Of that city, Science Daily writes: “Located on high ground in the southern Jordan Valley, northeast of the Dead Sea, the settlement had in its time become the largest continuously occupied Bronze Age city in the world. Levant, having hosted early civilization for a few thousand years. At that time, it was 10 times larger than Jerusalem and 5 times larger than Jericho.”

“There is evidence of a large cosmic airburst near this city called Tall el-Hammam,” Kennett said, claiming as evidence that the result would be an “explosion similar to the Tunguska event, an airburst of about 12 megatons that occurred in 1908, when a 56-60 meter meteorite pierced the Earth’s atmosphere over the East Siberian Taiga”.

“The impact of the explosion on Tall el-Hammam was enough to flatten the city,” Science Daily reported, “flattening the palace and surrounding walls and mud-brick structures, according to the newspaper, and the distribution of bones indicated ‘disarticulation. extreme and skeleton'”. fragmentation in nearby humans.

Posobiec points out that scientists did not connect the “cosmic airbust” with the biblical accounts, as is often the case, but that the evidence that the cities were leveled, destroyed by forces beyond human comprehension, indicates that the destruction of those cities may very well they have occurred in line with ancient accounts of the Old Testament.

The brothers investigate the Dead Sea Scrolls, their legendary preservation in the dry desert air, and the further preservation of ancient documents by the faithful throughout the centuries.

The impact of the holy places was very powerful not only for the Posobiec brothers, but also for their family, including their father. They discuss a powerful moment when they and their father observed the Stations of the Cross so close to where Christ was actually crucified.

“The Bible isn’t just a book,” Jack told Kevin. “And if you think it is, then you’re missing half the story. In fact, you’re missing most of the story. And I would say this as a message even to people who are agnostics, or even atheist types and non-believers, that, look, you know, not everyone is going to be like Kevin and I kneeling and praying in Latin, inside the church, the Holy Sepulchre.”

“But understand that you can’t really understand Western civilization, Western society, our history, our institutions, our way of life, unless you understand all of this, because it’s been a massive part of the making of Western society, in the Western culture, whether you want to believe in the supernatural and metaphysical aspects of it or not, you have to at least acknowledge that this is a very, very important part of what got us to where we are now, what’s still driving us, As we go along, there are traditions that are passed down, certainly from father to son,” said Jack.

“And in this case, I was able to take my two kids to all of those places with us. In some cases, literally carrying them on my back if I had to, actually a lot of cases, carrying them on our backs. But the point is that that is something-“

“For the sake of the pilgrimage,” Kevin snapped.

The two agreed that this was a trip that everyone should take.


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